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The 14th National Brand Yushan Award 2017/6/21 New Product ! 1mm High efficiency CPV Solar cell. 2014/2/19 New Product ! 2.5mm High efficiency Solar receiver. 2013/11/4 Amonix Sets New World Record for Solar Panel Efficiency 34.2% 2013/1/10 Kuwait targets 15% renewable energy by 2030 2012/12/10 晶泰鍺晶圓技術獨步東亞, 躋身世界4大廠 轉換效率達4成以上 2012/11/21 India PV installations set to rise in 2013 2012/11/21 Semprius to deliver HCPV technology for DoD project 2012/11/20 Report: CPV could be 30% cheaper than PV by 2016 2012/11/15 Installed PV capacity in Italy surpasses 16GW 2012/11/8 Report: PV installations in Southeast Asia to reach 5GW by 2016 2012/11/2 Japan could see 28GW of solar capacity installed by 2020 and 50GW by 2030 2012/11/2 Saudi Arabia eyes solar to fuel 100% renewables goal 2012/11/1 South Africa ups 2020 renewable energy capacity target by 3.2GW 2012/10/31 Dubai plans for 2,500MW through rooftop solar 2012/10/26 DBSA approves US$980 million of loans for South African solar projects 2012/10/25 IMS Research predicts continued growth for CPV 2012/10/24 Solar Junction 44% record sparks CPV market drivers 2012/10/24 總投資14億元的高倍聚光光伏發電及農牧生態園開發專案落戶大理 2012/10/23 美國擬規劃17片公共土地建設太陽能發電廠 2012/10/23 CPV market growth to double in 2012 2012/10/15 Soitec completes delivery of 5MW of CPV systems to Italy 2012/10/12 100 MW of CPV on Obama fast track 2012/7/16 CPV plus storage system launched in Japan 2012/7/16 HCPV to see 31% growth by 2017 says Lux 2012/7/16 SolFocus to break ground on 50 MW CPV project 2012/7/16 Silex Systems sees CPV costs below 10c/kWh 2012/7/16 HCPV Solar Market to Grow to $1.6bn in 2017, PV Manufacturing to Lose Ground 2012/7/16 10/20/2012 員工旅遊日 2012/7/13
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