Mayor Mallory of Cincinnati, USA visited TaiCrystal 美國辛辛那提市市長來訪 2012/12/4
As honorary guests of the New Taipei City, Mayor Mallory of Cincinnati and his assistants visited Taiwan from November 25, 2012 to December 4, 2013. On December 3, Mayor Mallory and his assistants toured Taicrystal International facility at Chungli. The Cincinnati delegates were welcomed by Chairman Lin who was a Cincinnati resident for more than 27 years. Chairman Lin briefed the delegates on the company history, introduced solar photovoltaic and its evolution, and the TaiCrystal production processes of ingot growth, wafer slicing, grinding, polishing as well as the packaging techniques of high efficiency triple junction solar cell receivers. Mayor Mallory and Chairman Lin also exchanged ideas on the possibility of setting up a solar energy demonstration station in Cincinnati in the attempt to promote more frequent economical activities between the US and Taiwan, particularly in solar photovoltaics which is in line with the US renewable energy-driven policies. Mayor Mallory and his assistants were quite impressed with the achievements and success of the company within such a short three year period and wished to establish strong cooperation between the two sides.

 美國辛辛那提市市長 Mallory 及他的幕僚, 於11/29/2012 應姐妹市新北市市長朱立倫之邀請, 蒞臨台灣參觀考察, 並於12/3/2012下午3 點拜訪晶泰公司, 由林董事長介紹晶泰公司的成立,成長過程及最新太陽能發展動態, 會中並談及如何於辛城設立太陽能示範站以配合美國最新對於綠能及太陽能的推動的政策, 會後參觀晶泰工廠並瞭解整個高效能太陽能電池之製造過程, 市長 Mallory 一行人對公司的成長及成就印象深刻. 希望未來能有更多合作機會.
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