Wafers Epi-ready high quality germanium substrates are used in various space applications such as space solar panel and solar array, terrestrial application such as CPV.
•    Epitaxy ready Ge wafers for MOCVD with low to zero defect
•    Greater than 40% conversion rate
•    Laser marked with wafer numbers to Ensure wafer traceability
•    Packaged with dry nitrogen filled double bag

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Experience in germanium single crystal growth and wafer processing ,Taicrystal makes high quality germanium wafers for Space applications and HCPV ( High Concentration Photovoltaic) solar cells.
The triple junction solar cells on Taicrystal germanium wafers
shows greater than 40% power conversion rate. We are continuously
improving the crystal growth and wafer processing techniques to provide wafers with consistent resistivity, dopant distribution and near zero defect.
Clean and inert atmosphere package of the wafers are completed in the class 100
environment. All wafers are delivered to our customers with individual sealed double bags to keep from environmental contamination.

Germanium Epi-ready wafer

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