HCPV Receiver - Heat Sink Type
  • High Efficiency>42%
  • Low Thermal Resistance
  • Easy Installation

Taicrystal International Technology Co, Ltd produces HCPV receivers of various dimensions and power ratings. Our HCPV receiver design is derived from years of expertise in ceramics-metal bonding, thermal conducting, wire bonding, anti-reflection epoxy coating and ceramics metallization to achieve maximum heat dissipation during operation. Our design provides precise concentrated solar light-cell interaction for maximum power generation.

Each receiver is prepared with a low forward voltage drop Schottky diode, which allows a maximum bypass forward current flow in the event the chip stops functioning. Such a device assures proper operation of the entire solar array in case a few individual chips fail to perform.

Product Features: 

※ HCPV receiver assembly includes Taicrystal Ge substrate triple- junction 
     solar cell、ceramic substrate、 by pass diode and box connectors     
※ Ultra low void solar cell bonding 
※ Allows for secondary optics attachment and encapsulation
※ Flexibility in adopting custom designs for both receivers and heat sinks 


area (mm²) 33.7 49.84 107.9
Typical Efficiency (%) >42% >40% >40%
Heat sink dimension     20x40x5.8 (mm)       40x40x7.8 (mm)       40x40x7.8 (mm)
Voc 500x Concentration 3.16V 3.16V 3.16V
Isc 2.29A 3.45A 7.18A
Vmp 2.85V 2.82V 2.81V
Imp 2.23A 3.39A 7.04A
FF (%) 87.80% 87.60% 87.20%
Pmp 6.35W 9.56W 19.78W
Operating Temperature -40℃~100℃ -40℃~100℃ -40℃~100℃
Max. Temp. 180℃ 180℃ 180℃
Weight 7g 18g 20g

Heat Sink Type receiver layout

Qualification Tests
Test  TestConditions
Damp Heat IEC62108
Thermal cycle MIL-STD-883
Mechanical Shock IEC60068
Electrical insulation  IEC62108
Wet insulation IEC62108
ESD IEC61000-4-2

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