HCPV Receiver - Ceramic Substrate Type
  • High Efficiency>42%
  • Low Thermal Resistance
  • Flexibility in adopting custom design
Details Taicrystal International Technology Co, Ltd produces HCPV receivers of various dimensions and power ratings. Our HCPV receiver design is derived from years of expertise in ceramics-metal bonding, thermal conducting, wire bonding, anti-reflectionepoxy coating and ceramics metallization to achieve maximum heat dissipation during operation. Our design provides precise concentrated solar light-cell interaction for maximum power generation.

Each receiver is prepared with a low forward voltage drop Schottky diode, which allows a maximum bypass forward current flow in the event the chip stops functioning. Such a device assures proper operation of the entire solar array in case a few individual chips fail to perform.

Product Features: 

※ HCPV receiver assembly includes Taicrystal Ge substrate triple-junction 
    solar cell、ceramic substrate、 by pass diode and box connectors 
※ Ultra low void solar cell bonding 
※ Allows for secondary optical element attachment and encapsulation.
※ Flexibility in adopting custom designs for both receivers and heat sinks

Cell active area (mm²) 16.03 33.77 49.84 107.9
Typical Efficiency (%) >42% >42% >40% >40%
Ceramic substrate dimensions (LxWxH)       20x17.5x3.8 25x17.5x3.8 21x24x3.8 20x25x3.8
Voc (V) 500x Concentration 3.16V 3.16V 3.16V 3.16V
Isc (A) 1.23A 2.29A 3.45A 7.18A
Vmp (V) 2.87V 2.85V 2.82V 2.81V
Imp (A) 1.19A 2.23A 3.39A 7.04A
FF (%) 87.80% 87.80% 87.60% 87.20%
Pmp (W) 3.41W 6.35W 9.56W 19.78W
Operating Temperature(℃) -40℃~100℃ -40℃~100℃ -40℃~100℃ -40℃~100℃
Max. Temp. (℃) 180℃ 180℃ 180℃ 180℃
Weight (g) 1.7g 1.8g 2.0g 2.5g

Receiver Layout

Qualification Tests
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