OEM Services
  • Advanced Ⅲ-Ⅴ solar cell Packaging services 
  • CPV Receiver custom design 
  • CPV module cooling system technical services and I-V Testing
Details Taicrystal International Technology Co. Ltd. is a leading provider of CPV receiver packaging services based in Taiwan, Taicrystal has fully integrated production lines which can run 24 hours a day. Monthly production capacity is approximately 1 million pieces. Taicrystal provides professional and high quality packaging and cooling services for the entire Asia region.

In addition to advanced Ⅲ-Ⅴ solar cell manufacture technology, Taicrystal also provides HCPV receiver layout、HCPV Module cooling technology and receiver I-V testing service . Taicrystal is committed to fast turnaround time, low cost turn-key solutions and total quality control for our valuable customers

  OEM Products
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OEM Equipments

Process Capability

OEM Category Technical Capacity  Spec
Chip Bounding Off set of solar cell bonding  <2%
  Off set of ceramic substrate bonding <2%
  Off set of component  <5%
  component size min 0.5x0.25mm
Vacuum Joining cell on ceramic substrate  <2%
  ceramic substrate on heat sink <5%
Wire Bounding  wire pitch  <75 um
  wire pull  >9 g
  ball shear >20 g
Coating  void free yield >99.5%
Void<1%  Void<2%  Void <1%



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