SolFocus公司50MW的高聚光太陽能專案,已破土動工 2012/7/16
PV INSIDER    2012-07-04 :
A landmark CPV project is about to begin construction near the Baja border with the U.S. on land owned by the Mexican construction and development company Grupo Musa.
SolFocus has said the entire project when complete will be 450 MW, making it by far the largest CPV project in the world. Northern Mexico has the third greatest solar resource in the world, making it an ideal location.
It will be owned and operated by a new company formed by Grupo Musa and Synergy Technologies, and Grupo Musa will use most of the first 50 MW installation to cover its own electricity needs.
The Asian Pacific Corporation brought together an international consortium to develop and finance the project. Both public and private financing includes ProMéxico and the international financing firm FINEXIM, which has allocated $720 million for the first four 50 MW solar projects, according to William Beilman, Managing Director. The company’s CPV systems are backed by Munich Re performance insurance.
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