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TaiCrystal International Technologies Co., Ltd.




Cash C.W. Chen

H.M. Chung

January 2021

TaiCrystal has successfully passed ISO 9001 annual review.

Delivered 1000 units 480W high performance LED packaging.

Completed developments of low void packaging for 20W, 120W, 160W and 480W LED for Henji.


December 2020

Two members of TaiCrystal, Cash C.W. Chen and H.M. Chung, completed PCB electronic brazing training and obtained operator's certificates IPC-J-STD-001. They are now certified IPC specialists.

October 2020

TaiCrystal has completed 300W space power modules for outer space environment testing.

TaiCrystal shipped 3000 sets 480W 5- color LED assemblies to Hongje Corp.

TaiCrystal delivered a talk on Space Satellite Power Opportunity at Opto Taiwan 2020.

TaiCrystal provided an essay on "Taiwan's Satellite Power Manufacturing Capacity" to Defense Industry Development Association.

January 2020

TaiCrystal contributed a chapter on "Advanced Solar Power technologies" in "Innovations in Suatanable Energy and Cleaner Environment", A.K. Gupta, Editors, Springer, 2020

March 2018

TaiCrystal delivered an invited talk on PV Trend and High Efficiency PV Technologies" at ISEPP 2018, Kurukshetra, India

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